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Mega City

‘Mega City’ today is a 140 residential development located in Minhettiya, Kurunegala. This was once a 16 acre land which has remained in one family for over a century. Today, it has paved the pathway for over 140 families to own their property within this Mega development undertaken by CBH Lands. Furthermore, the development is also one of the largest real estate sub-divisions undertaken in Kurunegala.

To coin the development as ‘Mega City’ was due to many factors relationg to the magnitude of the development combined with the transformation of the landscape of a rapidly growing town in Kurunegala being Minhettiya. Less than half a decade ago Minhettiya was a semi developed town located off the Kurunegala – Puttlam main road which is the highway connecting the two Districts within the Wayamba Province. Nonetheless, the gradual infrastructure development combined with the demand for residential property in this particular area within Kurunegala saw a rapid migration of people toward Minhettiya. At this juncture CBH Lands moved ahead to purchase the 16 acre property to commence one of the largest real estate sub-division projects in Kurunegala. Therefore, within this development aspiring home-owners could purchase their ideal property to build their intended home and others could consider this development as a platform to invest, thus transforming their dreams into reality at a seriously affordable investment. What Minhettiya would bring in the next half a decade would undoubtedly surprise many.

‘Mega City’ located just 20 minutes drive from the heart of the Kurunegala City is facing the main Gonagama – Thithawella road off the Kurunegala – Puttlam highway. The development is surrounded by the scenic natural water tank, acres and acres of paddy cultivation and with the key factor of being close to the Kurunegala City Centre.

CBH Lands going beyond traditional borders of real estate sub-division development requirements as stipulated by the Provincial and Local Authority have provided tarred roads, pipe water and electricity to each individual residential sub-division. These developments have been done by preserving mother nature to its fullest.

Mega City not only being the flagship for residential development in Kurunegala, but has laid the foundation for transforming the District. This development will provide the basis for new home owners to own their property. Therefore, being a mega catalyst towards enhancing property ownership across the Kurunegala District.